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Under no cirscumstance plagiarism will be allowed in Agro Productividad: either as a redundant publication (i.e., that two or more documents, without complete crossed references share the same data hypotheses, discussion points or conclusions) or as a direct plagiarism (absence of references, use of third parties´   ideas, published or unpublished).

Specialized software to detect plagiarism is used. The texts received will undergo a revision before being sent to editorial and academic review, they will be rejected if the percentage of similarity with other text published or available on the internet is above 20%.

If possible plagiarism of a published text is suspected or reported, the procedure to follow and the consequences of this action will be determined according to what COPE summarizes in the following  flowchart.

The consequences range from a calling to attention if it is the case of a mistake or misunderstanding to the rejection of the article and the accusation before the authors’ institutions.

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