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Art. 1: POLIBOTÁNICA Journal is the body of the scientific publication of the Department of Botany of the Biological Science National School from the Polytechnic National Institute (in Spanish: Instituto Politécnico Nacional, IPN) and has a periodic Journal character.

Art. 2: The Journal aims to inform national and international scientific community the results of botanical research conducted in México and other parts of the world.

Art. 3: Two issues per year will be published semiannually.

Art. 4: Where possible will try to keep the size of the cover, graphic design, font, position titles and general format of already published volumes, but may make changes to the proposal of the Editor in Chief of the Journal to be considered by the Editorial Committee.

Art. 5: Each published issue will have an index of the published articles in that issue and will be located with an ISSN.

Art. 6: After each issue, a page with a subject index and authors for the same will be published.

Art. 7: Each issue will carry the Instructions for the Authors, which also will be included on the web page of the Journal.

Art. 8: The page where each article starts will be headed with a full indication of the publication (POLIBOTÁNICA, number, page number, nominal date of publication).

Art. 9: At the end of each article, the date of receipt of the manuscript and the date of acceptance of the manuscript will be indicated.


Art. 10: The Directorate of the National School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute (In Spanish: Instituto Politécnico Nacional, IPN) will elect from among the members of the Department of Botany, with a length of at least 5 years old when elected and with an Associate or Holder category, an Editor in Chief of POLIBOTÁNICA . The Editor in Chief will propose to the Board within a period not exceeding 30 days an Editorial Committee. In case of resignation of the Editor in Chief, Directorate of ENCB will decide if another shall be chosen until the end of the period. In case of resignation of members of the Editorial Committee, shall be the responsibility of the Editor in Chief proceeds with the replacement.

Art. 11: Responsibilities of Editor in Chief of POLIBOTÁNICA:
a. Chairing the Editorial Committee.
b. Maintain regularly informed the members of the Editorial Committee on the status of the processing of manuscripts submitted for publication.
c. Submit to the approval of the Directorate of ENCB, all administrative decisions of the Editorial Committee.
d. Inform the Directorate of ENCB at its request of any matter relating to publications.
e. It will take a book of minutes of meetings of the Editorial Committee.

Art. 12: Responsibilities of Editorial Committee of POLIBOTÁNICA:
a. Write a set of standards to which the authors of the articles in the Journal should be adjusted, then will be published. These rules may be amended at the discretion of the Editorial Committee.
b. Select among the members of the Editorial Committee or other appropriate persons, referees who will read and evaluate each manuscript received according to Art. 13
c. Carry out all the editorial work of the articles submitted for publication in POLIBOTÁNICA.
d. Taking into account the views of the referees, resolve which work must be reviewed by the authors before printing and select the works to be published and which should be rejected.
e. Undertake all necessary steps for the printing of publications
f. Organize a file of the Editorial Committee which contains all the documentation produced by the Committee.

Art. 13: Responsibilities of the Evaluators:
a. Read the articles send by the Editorial Committee and suggest modifications to the manuscripts they deem necessary to maintain an adequate level of scientific publication.
b. A writing suggestion must be submitted to the Editorial Committee on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts, as well as the need for revision by the authors. SYSTEM OF


Art. 14: The arbitration system aims to obtain feedback from other researchers on manuscripts submitted with the idea that, through constructive criticism, it tends to an improvement of manuscripts and publications. All manuscripts submitted for publication will be subject to the arbitration system expeditiously upon receipt.

Art. 15: The number of arbitrators for work will be decided by the Director, but may in no case be less than two.

Art. 16: The arbitrators shall be appointed for each work by the Editorial Committee and may or may not be members. Each referee will receive a complete
copy of the manuscript with a questionnaire, which must respond, requesting the return of the manuscript reading in the span of a month.

Art. 17: The referees may remain anonymous throughout the process if they wish. In this case, the Editorial Committee will not provide, under any circumstances, any information about the identity of the referees to the authors or any other person.

Art. 18: Once obtained the suggestions of the referees, the Drafting Committee will consider whether the work can be accepted for publication as it is, if it needs a partial or total revision or if it should be rejected.

Art. 19: If a review of work is required, the following will be sent to authors:
a. Clear indication of what type of reviews (partial or total) are required and
b. All suggestions and comments of the referees and the Editorial Committee.

Art. 20: It will require to authors to follow up on the criticism of referees during the review of work and if you disagree with them at some point, to express their reasons in writing when resubmitting the manuscript to POLIBOTÁNICA.

Art. 21: The Editorial Committee will consider the rejection or revised manuscripts and the possible need for a new arbitration process. If it is accepted the revised version will be sent to the author (s) notice of acceptance.


Art. 22: The Editorial Committee will ensure that the article is printed in accordance with the accepted version of the manuscript and no publisher alteration will be made without prior consultation with the authors.

Art. 23: Once the manuscript is accepted, the members of the Editorial Committee will proceed to the editorial normalization.

Art. 24: The authors are responsible for the corrections of the print proofs that will be sent to them by the Editorial Committee. Taking up to four weeks to return the corrected proofs to not unnecessarily stop printing.


Art. 25: Copyright accrued publications in POLIBOTÁNICA become the property of the journal.

Art. 26: The manuscript of the work, as well as the original sheets and drawings,  may be returned at the request of the authors after publication of the article.


Art. 27: The Journal will be distributed to centers of national and international botanical research. The surplus will be for direct sale or by subscription or bibliographic exchange.


Art. 28: The modification of any point, partial or total, of this regulation, may be made only by the decision of the Directorate of ENCB, ratified by the Editorial Board of the journal.

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